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All public deliverables (PU) are published in the Opens external link in new windowZenodo Blue-Action community.

Zenodo is integrated into reporting lines for research funded by the European Commission via OpenAIRE.

Confidential deliverables (CO) are instead listed here but with no link: these are accessible to project partners, EC services and EC reviewers only.

WP5 Developing and Valuing Climate Services

WP6 Clustering

Work package 7 Management

  • D7.1 Structure and detailed tasks of the project office Opens external link in new windowavailable in Zenodo 
  • D7.2 Risk register system and procedures  Opens external link in new windowavailable in Zenodo
  • D7.4 Minutes of the first annual meeting (Chiara Bearzotti/DMI)

Work package 8 Communication, Dissemination, Engagment and Exploitation

Blue-Action is on Zenodo!

Blue-Action is one of the communities in Zenodo: all materials we publish in Zenodo are open to the world. They are tagged with the community label "Blue-Action" but they can be consulted individually, we are an open community.

Visit Opens external link in new windowour community and access all its documents

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