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Case studies

A set of five case studies bring scientists together with stakeholders and often small and medium enteprises to co-develop products that “translate” the model outputs and improved modelling skill developed in WPs 1-4 into societal- and sector-relevant products.

The value of these products to both stakeholders and end-users will be quantified, preferably in financial terms where possible.

The case studies address the following sectors:

  1. Opens internal link in current windowWinter tourism centers in Finland
  2. Opens internal link in current windowTemperature-related human mortality in European regions
  3. Opens internal link in current windowExtreme weather risks to maritime activities
  4. Opens internal link in current windowClimate services for marine fisheries
  5. Opens internal link in current windowYamal 2040: Scenarios for the Russian Arctic

Each case study follows a broadly similar pattern, involving:


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