Blue-Action scientists are regularly attending events for connecting to other networks and communities. This is a list of the events we have been organising or attending in the past months.

All presentations and reports are published in Zenodo, Opens external link in new windowin the Blue-Action community


21-26 Jan 2018, Arctic Frontiers- Connecting the Arctic, Tromsø (NO)

In 2018 the Arctic Frontiers Policy program will have five main sessions with the following tentative working titles: State of the Arctic, Technology and connectivity, Resilient Arctic societies and business development, Healthy and productive oceans, Industry and environment.

Organiser: Arctic Frontiers Secretariat 

Blue-Action representatives:

  • Oral presentation 3887712 Translating advances in Arctic climate science to climate services across the Northern Hemisphere, Vilena Valeeva (IASS)
  • Poster 3885047 Blue-Action: Understanding the impact of a changing Arctic on Northern Hemisphere weather and climate, Steffen Olsen (DMI)
  • Poster 3887697 Improving stakeholders' capacity for adapting effectively to changing conditions: the case of oil and gas development in the Russian Arctic, Vilena Valeeva (IASS)

Venue and Agenda:

18-19 January 2018, Annual Meeting 2018, Bologna (IT)

Organiser: Project office at DMI with the support of the Annalisa Cherchi (INGV)

NEW! Agenda: with updated room allocation for breakout sessions Initiates file downloadLast version 15 Jan 2018 

Attendees: Initiates file downloadfull list (4 Jan 2018)

Venue and location: via Gobetti 101, 40129 Bologna, inside the CNR Research Area campus.

NEW! How to reach the Initiates file downloadvenue and eating out: suggestions

More information: in our intranet Opens external link in new window

Registration page: It is now closed! Opens external link in new windowregistration on Eventbrite

7-8 Dec. 2017, First Blue-Action Workshop of Yamal 2040 Scenario project, Moscow (RU)

Organisers: Partners IASS, IMEMO, Foresight Intelligence

Concept: Initiates file downloadDownload the Concept in PDF

Read more Opens internal link in current windowabout this case study

Event follow up: Scientists and stakeholders anticipate alternative futures for remote Russian Arctic region

Read the full press release in our Media & Materials section

29-30 Nov. 2017, Climate services at work, Projects exchange and networking lab, Brussels (BE)

Venue: CDMA building, Rue du Champ de Mars 21

Organiser: Franz Immler, European Commission

Blue-Action representatives: Steffen M. Olsen (DMI) and Joan Ballester (ISGlobal)

More details in our intranet Opens external link in new window

23-24 Nov 2017, IMOBAR workshop, Brussels (BE)

The aim of the workshop is to bring together experts in observations, observational data providers, major users and stakeholders in order to discuss the societal benefit areas of Arctic observational systems. The workshop will provide information on relative importance of observational systems with respect to their societal benefits and investment and maintenance costs. The project report will be a part of the European Union contribution to the Arctic Ministerial Meeting planned in the autumn 2018. 

Organiser: DG RTD and DG JRC

Blue-Action representatives: Karin M. Larsen (HAV) and Ben Moat (NOC)

Venue and agenda: see the intranet

19-21 Nov 2017, Arctic Circle Forum: Edinburgh 2017

The Arctic Circle Forum: Edinburgh 2017 is an Arctic Circle Forum organised by the Scottish government. The Arctic Circle Forums are a series of specialised spin-off events from the main Arctic Circle Assembly, held annually in Iceland. It provides an opportunity for policy makers, academics, professionals and wider civic society to participate in discussions focused on areas of common interest between Scotland and Arctic region.

Organiser: the Scottish government

Blue-Action representative: partner Marine Scotland Science has a stand at the exhibition.

Venue and agenda:

15 Nov. 2017 COP23 - Side event of the EU Arctic Cluster "Polar insights for climate action: Arctic science contributions to implementing the Paris Agreement"

Lead organiser are EU-PolarNet/APPLICATE, with the support and contribution of Blue-Action, ICE-ARC, INTAROS, Nunataryuk, INTERACT. The side event will deal with the following topics: Introduction and link to Paris Agreement, Changing weather pattern,  Glacier/ice sheet melt impact on sea level, Permafrost, Influence of the Arctic on Global Oceans.

  • Event title: Polar insights for climate action: Arctic science contributions to implementing the Paris Agreement
  • Thematic focus:Impact of the EU’s investment in Arctic science 
  • Venue: EU Pavillion

13-15 October 2017, Arctic Circle 2017, Reykjavik Meet Blue-Action and the Arctic Cluster!

We are excited to be part of this event and to be represented there by our scientists.

These are the sessions we are contributing to:

Day Time Room Project Title of Session
Friday 16:15-17:45 ICE-ARC EU Arctic Policy: Climate Change, Science and safeguardging the Arctic environment
Friday 21:00-22:00 INTERACT INTERACT Basecamp: Access to the Arctic
Saturday 17:30-19:00 Háaloft EU-PolarNet, EPB and INTERACT EU Arctic Policy: Science as catalyst for international cooperation
Saturday 17:30-19:00 EPB et al Scales of observations-Connecting Arctic data, information and people
Sunday 08:00-09:00 Akrafjall Blue-Action Climate service innovation and enhancing climate-resilience in Arctic businesses (organised by Climate-KIC Nordics)

More information about the event and full programme:Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action scientists involved in the sessions: Raeanne Miller (SRSL), Daniela Domeisen (ETH), Mark Payne (DTU Aqua), Øivin Aarnes (DNV GL), Peter Vangsbo (Climate-KIC)

Stand of the EU Arctic cluster: Look out for our roll ups at the event!

Session summary: The session "Climate service innovation and enhancing climate-resilience in Arctic businesses", was organised by Climate-KIC. The session summary is now available for download PDF document

14-16 Nov 2017, Rovaniemi Arctic Spirit conference, Rovaniemi (FI)

Poster of Blue-Action on WP5 case studies presented at this event.

Organiser: Arctic Center of the Univ. Lapland and Rovaniemi City

Blue-Action representative: Ilona Mettiäinen (Ac UoL)

Venue and agenda: Opens external link in current window

18-19 Sept 2017, First Joint workshop to (re)formulate open research questions of joint interest “Tipping Elements in the Climate System, with a Focus on the North Atlantic”, Oxford (UK)

Blue-Action is focused on Arctic and high latitude changes. Therefore, the high number of tipping elements in this region and their potentially large impact on Northern Hemisphere climate is of particular interest and concern to Blue-Action scientists.  The workshop was organised by the Blue-Action project to link Blue-Action scientists with experts outside the project. Key areas of research and actions for future collaboration were identified. Find out more about the outcomes of the workshop in the Opens internal link in current windowD6.1  

1-2 August 2017 ICIMOD 2017 International workshop on cryopsheric change and sustainable development, Lanzhou (China)

Organiser: International Center for integrated mountain development (ICIMOD)

Venue and Agenda: Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action representative:  Yongqi Gao (NERSC)

10-12 July 2017, Blue-Action meets GERICS, Hamburg (DE)

The Climate Service Center Germany (GERICS) is a scientific organizational entity of Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht. GERICS offers in a scientifically sound manner Opens external link in new windowproducts, advisory services and decision-relevant information in order to support government, administration and business in their efforts to adapt to climate change. GERICS functions as a think tank for climate services.

GERICS is an important player in the definition and implementation of the Roadmap for Climate Services in Europe and provides significant contributions to EU H2020 projects such as CLIMATEUROPE,  EU-MACS  and MARCO.

The WP5 team of Blue-Action meets the GERICS key people in a two-day workshop.

Venue: Chile Haus, Hamburg

Organiser: Mak Payne (DTU) and Lola Kotova (GERICS/CLIMATEUROPE), for info please contact Chiara Bearzotti (chb at

Events on invitation only

22 June 2017, Societal Challenge 2 coordinator's day, Brussels (BE)

Organiser: European Commission

Venue and Agenda: Initiates file downloadAgenda of the event in PDF

Blue-Action representative: Chiara Bearzotti (DMI)

Presentation: Initiates file downloadShort summary of the project goals/activities

(Registration is closed)

5-9 June 2017, 3rd European Climate Change Adaptation Conference, Glasgow (UK)

Organiser: ECCA

Agenda and Venue: Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action representative: Raeanne Miller (SRSL) with aInitiates file download poster on Blue-Action project and specifically the connections between WP5 and WP8.

23-24 May Clustering workshop for the EU Horizon 2020 projects APPLICATE, Blue-Action, PRIMAVERA and CRESCENDO 

Topic: Evaluating climate and Earth system models at the process level.

Organiser: Fabio Dalan (EC) and Colin Jones, CRESCENDO

Venue: Brussels

Blue-Action representatives

  • Steffen Olsen (DMI)
  • Daniela Matei (MPI-M)
  • Jan-Stefan Fritz (KDM)
  • Ben Moat (NOC)
  • Guillaume Gastineau (CNRS-IPSL)
  • Shuting Yang (DMI)

Event on invitation only

Blue-Action WP2 at the INTAROS workshop Building long-­‐term observing szstems in the Arctic - requirements and challenges

Organiser: NERSC and EuroGOOS

Venue and Agenda: EuroGOOS 

Blue-Action representative: Karin Larsen (HAV) leader Opens internal link in current windowWP2

More info about INTAROS (H2020) project can be found here: Opens external link in new window

28 April 2017 The Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences awarded Russian funding for mirrowing Blue-Action proposal!

Partner Obukhov Institute of Atmospheric Physics, Russian Academy of Sciences (IAP-RAS), represented by the PI Vladimir Semenov, has been awarded Russian funding by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science for taking part in the Blue-Action activities. Opens internal link in current windowRead more >>


24-27 April 2017 International Conference on Arctic Science: Bringing Knowledge to Action, Reston, Virginia (USA)

Organisers: Arctic Monitoring and Assessment Programme, work is conducted according to a mandate determined by the Arctic Council Ministers and Senior Arctic Officials & EU-PolarNet

Venue and Agenda: Opens external link in current window

Representative Blue-Action: Vilena Valeeva (IASS)

Poster: available in Opens external link in new windowZenodo

5-7 April 2017, Climateurope Festival 2017, Valencia (ES)

Organiser: Met Office and GERICS

Venue and Agenda: Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action representative: Peter Vangsbo (CKIC)

Event on invitation only

3 April 2017, EU-PolarNet General Assembly, Prague (CZ)

Blue-Action invited to attend the GA of EU-Polarnet which will be held during the ASSW2017  to discuss modes of cooperation and information. Steffen Olsen will be attending the meeting.

Organiser: EU Polarnet

Venue: Clarion Congress Hotel in Prague

Blue-Action representative: Steffen Olsen (DMI)

Presentation: Opens external link in new window

This event is on invitation only

29-30 March 2017 Arctic Workshop of the Transatlantic Ocean Research Alliance, Brussels (BE)

Organiser: European Commission

Venue: Rue du Champ de Mars, 21 – B-1050 Brussels (BE)

Blue-Action representative: Steffen Olsen (DMI), Guillaume Gastineau (CNRS-LOCEAN), Karin H. Larsen (HAV)

Presentation: Opens external link in new window

This event is on invitation only

20-22 March 2017, ASOF workshop, Sopot (PL)

Organiser: ASOF, Michael Karcher

Agenda and Venue: Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action representative: Steffen Olsen (DMI) and Marius Arthun (UiB)

Presentation Blue-ActionOpens external link in new window

All presentations of the workshopsOpens external link in new window

16-17 March 2017, Blue-Action at the Expert Meeting “Transfer to Green Economy in Russia: Designing Action Plan”

Organiser: Russian Federation Ministry on Natural Resources and Environment;  Cadaster Science and Technology Center

Venue: Yaroslavl State Technical University, Yaroslavl, Russia

Blue-Action representative: Elena Nikitina (IMEMO, Russia)

Report: Opens external link in new window

Event on invitation only

2-3 March 2017, Blue Action at the HiMAC 2017 International Workshop on Observations and Understanding of Changes in High Mountain and Cold Regions, Bejing (China)

Organiser: DBAR, RADI, CAS

Agenda and Venue: Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action representative: Yongqi Gao (NERSC)

Report: Opens external link in new window


28 February – 2 March 2017 Fifth International Conference on Climate Services 

Organiser: ICCS5 Opens external link in new window

Venue and Agenda: Cape Town, South Africa Opens external link in new window

Blue-Action representative: Joan Ballester (ISGlobal)

Poster: Forecast scheme of temperature-related mortality for decision-making in European regions and cities 

 Opens external link in new window

16 February 2017 at 10:00 Brussel time: Mandatory Financial Webinar for the Blue-Action beneficiaries organised by the EC officers of Blue-Action: financial management and financial reporting.

Resources available in the intranet: Opens external link in new window

8-9 February 2017 APPLICATE 2017 kick-off, Bremerhaven (DE)

Organiser: APPLICATE 

Venue & AgendaOpens external link in new

Blue-Action representative: Daniela Matei (MPI-M)

PresentationOpens external link in new window

Event on invitation only.



2-3 February 2017 ERA4CS Additional Activity - Climate Services - Synergies, Gaps and Challenges workshop

Venue: Brussels

Registration closing date: 16:00 on 25 January 2017

Agenda: Opens external link in new windowLink to event page

Organiser: NERC and JPI Climate

18-20 Jan. 2017: Blue-Action Official Kick off Meeting, Berlin (DE)

Venue: Harnack-House

Agenda: Initiates file downloadVersion of 17 January 2017

Organiser: Coordination team

Accommodation and orientation: Suggestions on hotels and how to reach the venue can be found in this Initiates file downloadWord file

17 January 2017: EC 60-minutes #Comm workout

Webinar to increase the impact of the project. Registration on first-come first-served principle

Organiseer: EC/EASME

11-12 Jan 2017, INTAROS kick off, Bergen (NO)

Organiser: Stein Sandven, INTAROS coordinator

Venue: tbc, Begen (NO)

Agenda: Initiates file downloadDraft version

Blue-Action representative: Yongqi Gao

This event is on invitation only.

30 Nov. -2 Dec. 2016, Sustainable Ocean Summit, Rotterdam (NL)

Venue and schedule:

Organiser: Partner World Ocean Council (partner 40), Paul Holthus

Blue-Action representative: Paul Holthus

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